Lead Dentist Dr Chetan Mathias in Coventry Lists Dental Implants Success Factors

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Dental implant patients have high expectations. They expect the new implant teeth to function well for chewing and grinding food. But they also want the replacement teeth and surrounding gum tissue to appear like the natural original. Dr Chetan Mathias gives three treatment success factors.

Dr Chetan Mathias is an experienced dentist registered with the GDC (General Dental Council) and his dental practice, Verum Cosmetic Dentists, in Coventry, UK, is focused on cosmetic dentistry including dental implants, periodontics and orthodontics.

For patients seeking to replace their missing teeth with a viable and long lasting dental solution, Dr Mathias is an avid proponent of dental implants. Besides that fact that well placed and well cared for dental implants are a stable solution for fulfilling the chewing functions of natural teeth, another important factor is the external appearance of the gum around the replaced teeth that comprise of dental implants and crowns. This subject has gained even more relevance because dental implants have now become a mainstream treatment routine for replacing missing teeth. Patients who opt for dental implants have high expectations for improving their quality of life. Besides desiring to have a long lasting replacement for their missing teeth, patients now also strongly desire that the replacement teeth mimic the original contour of their teeth and gums.

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There have been several clinical studies on the gum surrounding the dental implant and the crown. It has been found that the distance from where the crown meets on a dental implant to the underlying bone has an effect on how the gum tissues form in between the implant crown and the adjacent teeth. When this distance is half a centimetre or less, then the gum tissue tends to be present and fully formed in the vast majority of the patients. However, it was also been found that when this distance is greater than half a centimetre, then the presence and appearance of the gum tissue becomes less predictable.

Based on the above findings and the experience gained in the placement of dental implants, Dr Chetan Mathias recommends his fellow implant dentists to adhere to the following three points for optimal dental implant placement.

  1. It is of very high importance that optimal restoration driven and correct three dimensional positioning of a dental implant is undertaken in the first instance.
  2. The treating implant dentist can predict the likelihood of gum contour prior to dental implant placement based on the half centimetre distance rule and can therefore allow their patient to consent to their treatment based on knowing the outcome probability beforehand.
  3. It has been found that despite high expectations, patients are generally less critical than their treating dentists. But this should not stand in the way of the implant dentist aiming to achieve the optimal appearance for their patient.

Dr Chetan Mathias teaches fellow dentists in topics related to implant dentistry. Interested dentists can find more information by contacting his dental practice or by visiting the links provided. A video describing a full mouth implants procedure taught by Dr Mathias can be viewed here: