Endodontic dental treatments or ‘root canal treatments’ as they are often referred to, involve the treatment of disease or injury to the nerve in the tooth or ‘dental pulp’ which is the more technical term. If the nerve is injured or diseased then it can die and this could lead to sensitivity, toothache or even a dental abscess. It may also lead to the tooth discolouring and going black in extreme cases. Problems with the ‘dental pulp’ are often caused through tooth decay, defective fillings or other dental work, gum disease or a trauma caused to the tooth. With root canal treatment teeth can be saved that may otherwise need to be taken out. At Verum Cosmetic Dentists we have state of the art equipment that enables us to perform endodontic dental treatments with great precision and care.

  • Expertise in all aspects of endodontic dental treatment
  • Leading edge equipment which enables word class treatment
  • Teeth restoration that will last for many years.

Root canal treatment involves removing the damaged or dead pulp tissues from the tooth and cleaning the tooth area thoroughly before sealing with a root filling. Once this is done the tooth can be restored and should last for years to come as long as there is sufficient structure around the tooth to support a new filling or crown. Using operating microscopes, digital imaging, ultrasonic instrumentation and fibre optics we are able to treat our patients quickly and comfortably. With today’s technology getting root canal treatment is really no more uncomfortable than having a filling so do not hesitate to contact us if you think you may need treatment.

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